300 giochi liberi di iPhone Compreso Le Valutazioni

iPhone Thumbs UpiPhone Thumbs Down300 giochi liberi di iPhone
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300 giochi liberi di iPhone Compreso Le Valutazioni

iPhone Thumbs UpiPhone Thumbs Down300 giochi liberi di iPhone
Compreso Le Valutazioni

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iPhone Card Games iPhone Classic Games iPhone Arcade Games iPhone Word Games  iPhone Logic Games  More iPhone Games   iPhone Fun Applications

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Giochi Di Scheda
iPhone Thumbs Up una mazza delle 5 schede questa versione permette che scommettiate la vostra mano dopo che disegniate.
iPhone Thumbs Down blackjack migliore di iPhone (iPhonePlaza) è poco un lento
iPhone Thumbs Down blackjack migliore di iPhone (COSÌ) stessi di quello qui sopra, ancora lento.
iPhone Thumbs Down il blackjack di iPhone (CF) scatta sopra i giochi del casino. Non una buona applicazione di iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down la animazione de Nizza del blackjack di iPhone (CM), ma voi non può cambiare la vostra offerta.
iPhone Thumbs Down blackjack di iPhone (effetti di DS) un altro gioco classico del blackjack
iPhone Thumbs Down il blackjack di iPhone (Google) richiede il trasferimento dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti al vostro iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up interfaccia grande del blackjack di iPhone (iB), molto velocemente.
iPhone Thumbs Up gioco piacevole reale del blackjack di stile del casino del blackjack di iPhone (MyNuMo)
iPhone Thumbs Up il blackjack Solitaire di iPhone genera la mano su ogni fila, colonna di BJ migliore, diagonale
iPhone Thumbs Up tabella pratica della mazza selvaggia di deuces di iPhone per aiutarla a scommettere
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Euchre Play this classic card game and try to win against your smart phone
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Fanclub Blackjack Real nice game in landscape. A tad bit slow.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Flashjack Improve youre Blackjack skills with this training tool
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Guess My Card A total waste of time developing, let alone playing
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Hearts Just like the classic game. It's fun.
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone High or Low Predict whether the next card will be higher or lower
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Jacks or Better Poker (Elenor) Another good poker game.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Jacks or Better Poker Keeps the chart handy to help you bet & win
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Kenny Rogers Blackjack A high quality verision of the classic game
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Kenny Rogers Roulette Now you can play your favorite Casino game
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Oblique For the music fanatics. Requires a Google download
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone One Thumb Bandit Game of Slots, minus all the fun of the real thing
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Scenario Poker Texas Hold 'Em Poker against 8 or 10 other players!
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Scratch-N-Win Scratch the ticket & hit the jackpot. Login Required.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Solitaire (CM) Good Solitaire game, but boring interface. ZZZZzzzzz......
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Solitaire (Digiwidge) Very nice Soliaire game.
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Solitaire (MM) It's OK, but the above is better
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Utopia Solitaire Play the classic Klondike Solitaire game
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Video Poker (CF) Jacks or Better game, not the best for iPhone users
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Video Poker (MM) Just another poker game.
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Giochi Di Arcade
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Alien Defeat Eliminate the aliens before they take over your ship
  iPhone Basketball (P. Jonas) Practice your play a 20-shot game
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Basketball (MyNumo) Practice your 3-point shots. 90 seconds left!
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Carmadillo Fun Frogger style game. Help the armadillo cross the road.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Castle Feud Build your castle, aim cannons and crush rivals medieval style.
  iPhone Chicken and Eggs Catch the eggs before the break to go to the next level
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Darts A challenging game of darts.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Dragon Fury Fun action game. Kill the monster!
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Duck Hunt Shoot the ducks!
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Duck Shoot the ducks so your dog can bring it to you.
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Frog Rescue Use skill to move the frogs to the opposite side of the road
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone ION Bowling Fun game of skill to bowl a Turkey!
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone ION Golf A nice day at the driving range
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Jake The Snake Just like the Retro game, except accurate control is hard
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Knockout Boxing game, but the site is down
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Mad Fighters Fun action game. Kick Jump, Duck!
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Missle Command (MM) Would be fun if cities didn't disappear for no reason
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Monsterland Fight off all the monsters & live another day
  iPhone Roll Quest A pool-like game where you roll the ball over crystals
  iPhone Shooter Pirate Shoot down everything you see.
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Smash Like Breakout. Hard to control the icon though
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Space Wars Play against others. Login Required
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Stomp'em Stomp out the flowers in the right order
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Subsume Play against other iPhone users, if you can get it to work
iPhone Thumbs Down SuperDog See if you can navigate past the obstacles
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Wormy Control the worm as it travels through the tunnel
iPhone Thumbs Down Yeti3D 3D adventure game that requires adding site to the iPhone installer sources
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Giochi Classici
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone 4 In-A-Row Just like Connect 4. Would be fun on a different site
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone A Man Plus A Woman Clear adjacent male & female symbols
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Ane Rouge Weird game
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Backgammon Like Backgammon, but the moves are screwed up.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Battlefleet This is clearly the best iPhone Battleship game
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Battleship (CF) Too many ships. Not nearly as good as the other one.
iPhone Thumbs Down
iPhone Battleship (Jirbo) Like batleship, but too many ships buttons are too small.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Bejeweled Just like the classic game, and just as addictive
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Brick Supposed to be like Tetris but this is a pitiful attempt
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Bubble Trouble Remove common bubbles of 3 or more
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Checkers (CF) Can play against others, but good for the iPhone
  iPhone Checkers (Freemirror) Another version of the classic game
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Checkerz (Digiwidge) The iPhone puts up a good fight
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Chess (CF) Play against others or against your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Chess (Morfik) Nice interface & board options
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Coloku Sudoku with a colorful twist. Option to hide the numbers
  iPhone Dominoes A fun classic game against 3 players
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Fifteen Sliding game, that doesn't scramble the tiles.
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Flip & Boom Find the matching animated icons
  iPhone iGammon Classic game of Backgammon
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone iGet 4 Like the classic game of Connect 4, not challenging though
  iPhone iKala Classic game of Macala on your iPhone
  iPhone iMahjong The classic game of Mahjong right on your iPhone
  iPhone iSlide Sliding tile game with options to change the size or pic category
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone iTetris (iTetris) Just like the game above, just a different link
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone iTetris (Jirbo) Just like Tetris, but hard to control after level 5
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Jirbo Jam A cute version of Breakout
  iPhone Killer Sudoku Variation of Sudoku but values of the "cage" must also add up
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Let It Roll Like Yahtzee. Log In Required.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Lumina Memory Fun pattern matching game. Just like Simon.
  iPhone Mancala Play Mancala against your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone MarbleJumper Remove marbles by jumping adjacent ones.
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Minesweeker (MM) Like Minesweeper, but can't select the mines
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Minesweeper This is the closest to the classic game you will find
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone MobiChess Play Chess at different levels of difficulty
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Mobile Mines (CF) Like Minesweeper, but bad interface
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone MoThello (CF) Just like Othello, not nice on this site though.
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Multiple Arcade Games Like PacMan, Q*bert, Galaga, Gyruss
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone News Match Match the news to its image to read more about it
  iPhone Othello
  iPhone Pouissance 4 Play the game of Pouissance on your phone
  iPhone Preggy Play the classic Preggy game on your iPhone
  iPhone Reversi
  iPhone Reversi (MM)
  iPhone Shredder Chess
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Simon Just like the memory game. Login Required.
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Slider (CF) Sliding Puzzle. Few of Celufun's game are good
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Sliding Puzzle (MM) Lot's of different puzzles to try
  iPhone Space Invaders Like the classic game, shoot down all the UFO's!
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Sudoku (Enjoy) Nice use of pencil marks, but you can't fix mistakes
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Sudoku (Freeverse) Very nice Sudoku game with witty messages
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Sudoku (iPhonus) One of the best Sudoku games for the iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Sudoku (Lunarware) This version sucks. you don't need to guess.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Sudoku (Macmost) Nice interface and challenging games
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Sudoku (Radworkz) Very nice variations of this classic game
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Sudoku Shootout Play against other players. Login not required
  iPhone Sudoku Tournament Now you can compete against others!
  iPhone Teddy Bear Find the matching teddy bears
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Tetris (Freemirror) Tetris game with good controls & high scores
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Tetrominos Like Tetris, but horrible controls. I'd play iTetris instead.
  iPhone Tic Tac Toe 1 or 2 player
  iPhone Tic-Tac-Toe (CF)
  iPhone Tic-Tac-Toe Just like the classic game.
  iPhone Tic-Tac-Whoa (CM)
  iPhone Unreal Slide Challenging sliding game using abstract art
  iPhone Word Search (MM)
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Giochi Di Logica
  iPhone 15 Flags Matching game where you match the flags with its country
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone 3D Shuffle A challenging 3D number game, or is it impossible?
  iPhone Aha!
  iPhone All Lights
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Avalanche Never-ending game of clearing adjacent blocks of 3 or more.
iPhone Baffle Challenging game of creating unique columns & rows
  iPhone Boxes (CF)
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Boxes Create a single box. Fun against a person. Their computer is stupid
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Breakdown A cool 3D Breakout game.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Brick Shooter Challenging & lots of fun! Warning, very addictive as well.
  iPhone Bulls and Cows Like Mastermind
  iPhone Calc 10 Use 4 numbers to make them add up to 10

iPhone Thumbs Up

iPhone Car Thief Rearrange the cars so that you can escape
  iPhone Chain Reaction Collect more pieces than the computer. Login Required
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Collapsing Blocks Eliminate matching Blocks
  iPhone Color Rush Capture all of the color gems
  iPhone Connextion Connect all the pipes together in the puzzle
  iPhone Dark Lights - Airport Mode Play the lights game w/o an internet connection
  iPhone Deduction Guess the pattern before the time expires
  iPhone Demolition Like Blocks
  iPhone Dot Game Alternate turns connecting dots to make boxes
  iPhone Falling Pets Connect 3 matching pets to remove them from the screen
  iPhone Gem Twister A Rubik's Cube style game with variations.
  iPhone Gems Like Bejeweled
  iPhone Helmet Attack Remove the field of all the helmets, for you football fans
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Hungry Snake Navigate your snake towards the food, away from your tail
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone iTiles Memory Game using smiley faces or Chinese characters
  iPhone iValentine Matching game with Valentine's day objects
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Gobico Challenging game of trying to control the board with each move
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Jigsaw Puzzle (MM)
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone JirboMatch Cute matching game with timer
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Knights & Squires Find the right path to the riches.
  iPhone Lights Off Turn off all the lights to win. Simple, but challenging.
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Logic3 Make all the numbers turn to zero. A challenging game with the solution
  iPhone Marble Jumper Remove Marbles
  iPhone Mastermind (iSmileys) Guess the code
  iPhone Mastermind (myiphone) Guess the code using 8 colors
  iPhone Mastermind (myiphoneworld) Guess the code
  iPhone Mastermind (twopixels)
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Match 3 (MM)
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Maze (MM)
  iPhone Memory
  iPhone Memory Pets Matching game with animated pets
  iPhone MetaSquares Addictive game of building squares before your phone does
  iPhone Mobile Life The "Game of Life" version for your phone
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Mosaic Try to clear the board. Login Required
  iPhone Number Maze A fun number game. Addictive
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Patterny Test Find the shape that completes the pattern. Under Mind Games
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Pigs A Poppin Fun game of making the Pigs Pop!
  iPhone Pipes Use pieces to create longer pipes with each level. Fun!
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Puzzler Eliminate matching Blocks
  iPhone Qix Cover the field
  iPhone Rapid Access Memory Tap the boxes from lowest to highest from memory
  iPhone Same Hearts Elimate 3 matching hearts
  iPhone Same Pets Find the matching pets & win
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone SameGame Touch the panels that are lined up with 2 or more
  iPhone Save The Mac Don't let Windows Vista take over!
  iPhone Smiley Hunt Find the matching smileys as fast as you can
  iPhone Snack Attack Clear all of the bouncing snacks off the screen
  iPhone Snack Machine Find the matching snacks
  iPhone Sokoban
  iPhone Sokoban (Fourohfour)
  Stack The Log
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Supercars Memory game of matching cars with their brand names
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Think Ahead (MM)
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Tiger Tile Reconstruct the picture of a tiger using tiles. Same tiger every time
  iPhone Tile Another tile game. Recreate the picture
  iPhone Tile Game
  iPhone Waterfalls A sliding tile game with pictures of waterfalls
  iPhone When Smileys Attack Remove the smileys from the screen
  iPhone When the Office Attacks Remove the office items from the screen
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Xmas Manga A titilating game to improve your memory
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Giochi Di Parola
  iPhone Elevator Words (KP)
  iPhone Five-to-None (KP)
  iPhone Frozen Lexicon Spell as many words as you can
  iPhone Hangman Guess the word, just like the classic game
  iPhone Holes in Words (KP)
  iPhone International Stitch:Words (KP)
  iPhone MotissimoT Find a 6 letter french word
  iPhone Quad Snake (KP)
  iPhone Quad Word Connect 4 words together
  iPhone Quad Words (KP)
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Scrabble Supposed to be like Scrabble
  iPhone Soliatire Word Builder (KP)
  iPhone Stitch:Words (KP)
  iPhone SummationTest your math skills
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Word Breaker Guess the computer's secret word before it guesses yours. Fun!
  iPhone Word Builder (KP)
  iPhone Word Finder (KP)
  iPhone Word Ladder (KP)
  iPhone Word Rotation Rotate letters to create more words
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Word Spell
  iPhone Word War
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Più Giochi
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Assassin Prove you're a geek by harrassing strangers
  iPhone Attack of the Teddy Bears Poke the bears to eliminate them
  iPhone Ball Blast Tap as many balls as you can before the timer elapses
  iPhone Bandito Loves Kitty
  Caldoria ß Trade goods on different planets to earn credits to upgrade your ship
  iPhone Call of the Pharaoh Build a pyramid
  iPhone Captives of Witch Hill Adventure game
  iPhone Chess Clock Timer for chess matches
  iPhone Corridor
  iPhone Demolition
  iPhone Drop the Teddy Bears Click the adjacent bears to eliminate them
  Find the Flickr Match the photo with the tag. Pics come from the Flickr site
  iPhone Haiku Read or create Haiku
  iPhone Hand to Hand Combat Game of chance
  iPhone Heart Attack Poke out the candy hearts to win
iPhone Thumbs Up iPhone Horse Racing A safer way to bet your mortgage on your horse.
  iPhone iTouch Target Practice
  iPhone iWally Dilbert Character quizzes your lateral thinking skills
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone iWhack Just like the game you played at the fair to win a stuffed bear!
  iPhone MindDojo A mind sharpening game that will stimulate your brain
  iPhone Moble Pet myPhone Virtual myPhone
  iPhone Moble Ring
  iPhone Pairs Play a game of Pairs using photos from Flickr
  iPhone Pet Monkey Virtual Pet
  iPhone Poke Your iOut Poke the bouncing eyes
  iPhone Pool Make a splash
  iPhone Quiz Get Quizzed
  iPhone Quiz To Go See how well you know the price of different items
  iPhone Quizzler Pro Get quizzed, or create one
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Reflex Tester A silly game to check your reflexes
  iPhone Roll Dice for Dungeons & Dragons
  iPhone Scratch-N-Win Lottery Scratch off. Poor iPhone interface
  iPhone Seinfield Quiz How big of a Seinfield fan are you?
  iPhone Swatches Multi-player game to see who can control the largest blocks of color.
  iPhone ThumbTrek (CM)
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Divertimento casuale di iPhone
  iPhone 101 Cookbook Find your favorite recipes here
  iPhone Accuweather Get an accurate weather forecast
  iPhone Coin Flip Heads or Tails? Login Required.
  iPhone Finger Scan Fingerprint Scanner. Login Required
  iPhone Fortune Cookie Open the cookie to get your fortune.
  iPhone Fortune Random funny fortunes, or create your own
  iPhone Golf Scorecard Track your golf score
  iPhone Lites Create patterns with lights. Login Required
  iPhone Magic iEightball Shake the 8-ball (iPhone) to get an answer to your question
  iPhone Mock Dock Create a cool desktop look and interface for your iPhone
  iPhone MovieFone Find out when the movie starts by entering your zip code.
  iPhone People Q&A
  iPhone Pick-Up Lines
iPhone Thumbs Down iPhone Pick-Up Lines Find out the quickest way to get rejected! Funny though.
  iPhone Random Ramblings
  iPhone Roshambo Rock, Paper Scissors game on your iPhone
  iPhone Scavenger Hunt Find stuff in your community. Login Required
  iPhone Spades Scorecard Keep score of your Spades game. Login Required
  iPhone StarMash Get the latest celebrity gossip right on your phone!
  iPhone XBox Live Friends App Now you can keep up with other XBOX 360 gamers
  iPhone Yelp Grub Finder Find nearby eating spots
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