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iPhone Thumbs Up
3D Brick Breaker Revolution Break blocks in 3D when you download this free game
iPhone Thumbs Up Amaze Turn your iPhone into a wooden labrynth, move the ball, avoid holes
iPhone Thumbs Up Brain Toot Download this iPhone app to test your math, memory & thinking skills
iPhone Thumbs Up Brain Tumor This free iPhone app uses math questions to challenge your brain
iPhone Thumbs Up BreakClassic Download this app to play a nice brick breaker game
iPhone Thumbs Up Carrie's Dots Boxes game you can download to your iPhone! Colorful, fun
iPhone Thumbs Up Cash Cab Based on the tv show, answer questions as you approach your destination
iPhone Thumbs Up Cubes Download this 3D blocks game, removing blocks of the same color
iPhone Thumbs Up Cubicman Download this puzzle game, move the marble to its destination
iPhone Thumbs Down Dots Free Create more boxes than yoru opponent by connecting the dots
iPhone Thumbs Up ESPN Cameraman Download this app then find the differences in the pics
iPhone Thumbs Up Glow Puzzle Several free levels of challenging puzzles with their solutions
iPhone Thumbs Up Fire Drop Tap 3 matching adjacent fire cauldrens to make them disappear
iPhone Thumbs Up Hanoi Play this Japanese game by moving the smaller discs onto larger ones
iPhone Thumbs Up iBall3D A Labyrinth type game in 3D, download this iPhone game
iPhone Thumbs Up iMaze Download this maze game and and play 10 different levels
iPhone Thumbs Up Jaw Breaker Download this app, then tap blocks of the same color to remove them
iPhone Thumbs Up Lasers Direct your laser through the gems to complete each level with this free game
iPhone Thumbs Up Labryinth Lite Maze game you can download to your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Lumen Download this game and use the laser to light up the checkpoints
iPhone Thumbs Up MazeFinger Over 1000 mazes to conquer with amazing special effects
iPhone Thumbs Up PearMe Find matching photo pairs. You can even use your own photos!
iPhone Thumbs Up Puzzle Loop Tap where you want to insert colored balls to remove matching balls
iPhone Thumbs Up Ragdoll Blaster Free iPhone game that fires ragdolls out of canons and solve the puzzle
iPhone Thumbs Up reMovem Download this iPhone game and remove adjacent same color balls
iPhone Thumbs Up Riddle Racer Move your car and cones to get to the checkered flag
iPhone Thumbs Down Ruby Repeat Download this iPhone app and test your memory skills
iPhone Thumbs Up Spinner Prologue Turn your iPhone to naviagate the maze without crashing
iPhone Thumbs Up Sprinkle Fun game using many different laws of Physics
iPhone Thumbs Up Subway Shuffle Download this Puzzle game, move the cars so you can exit
iPhone Thumbs Up Tangram Puzzle Pro Create geomettric shapes with Tangram puzzles
iPhone Thumbs Up TanZen Tangram puzzle game where you make shapes with 7 pieces
iPhone Thumbs Up Tetravex Download this app then arrange the tiles so that the edges match
iPhone Thumbs Up Tilt Maze Tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to move the ball through the labryinth
iPhone Thumbs Up Toobz A fun Pipes game where you create connecting pipes with random pieces
iPhone Thumbs Up Topple Stacking game with funny shapes, tilt the iPhone so it won't topple
iPhone Thumbs Up Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D Construction game that tests your reflexes and puzzle skills
iPhone Thumbs Up Trace Draw platforms and other objects that will help you clear each level
iPhone Thumbs Up Tunnell Navigate your iPhone to avoid touching the sides of the tunnell
iPhone Thumbs Up Vault Breaker Free iphone code breaking game like the popular "Bulls and Cows"
iPhone Thumbs Up Unblock Me Slide blocks around to move the red block to the other side of the board
iPhone Thumbs Up Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Just like the popular game show


Web iPhone Logic Games

  1 (and only)! Find the only dude that does not have a double sitting in the crowd
iPhone Thumbs Up 14 Pegs Jump over each peg to remove it. Same game as in your favorite restaurant!
  15 Flags Matching game where you match the flags with its country
iPhone Thumbs Down 3D Shuffle A challenging 3D number game, or is it impossible?
  Align Five Arrange 5 of the same color in any direction to score pointst
  All Lights
iPhone Thumbs Down Avalanche Never-ending game of clearing adjacent blocks of 3 or more.
Baffle Challenging game of creating unique columns & rows
  Belighted Connect 3 adjacent matching LEDs by swapping 2 of them
iPhone Thumbs Down Boxes Create a single box. Fun against a person. The iPhone computer is stupid
iPhone Thumbs Up Breakdown A cool 3D Breakout game.
iPhone Thumbs Up Brick Shooter Challenging & lots of fun! Warning, very addictive as well.
  Bulls and Cows Like Mastermind
  Button Mania Challenging levels where you try to turn all the buttons to display "0"
iPhone Thumbs Up Calc 10 Use 4 numbers to make them add up to 10
iPhone Thumbs Up Car Thief Rearrange the cars so that you can escape
  Chain Reaction Collect more pieces than the computer. Login Required
iPhone Thumbs Down Collapsing Blocks Eliminate matching Blocks
  Color Rush Capture all of the color gems
  Connextion Connect all the pipes together in the puzzle
  Dark Lights - Airport Mode Play the lights game w/o an internet connection
  Deduction Guess the pattern before the time expires
  Demolition Like Blocks
  Ditto Just like the Concentration game, Simon, with high scores list
  Dot Game Alternate turns connecting dots to make boxes
iPhone Thumbs Up Dragon Jewels Drop jewels and make 3 matching gems disappear
  Falling Pets Connect 3 matching pets to remove them from the screen
  Flibbix Puzzler Variation of the Blocks game. Remove adjacent colors
iPhone Thumbs Down Flip Flop I think you're supposed to try to arrange the numbers sequentially
iPhone Thumbs Up Gem Twister A fun 3D game, rotate rows of the cube to find matching gems
  Gems Like Bejeweled
  Helmet Attack Remove the field of all the helmets, for you football fans
iPhone Thumbs Up Hungry Snake Navigate your snake towards the food, away from your tail
iPhone Thumbs Up iPuzzle - The Sliding Puzzle Game Nice sliding tile game that will even solve it for you
iPhone Thumbs Down iTiles Memory Game using smiley faces or Chinese characters
  iValentine Matching game with Valentine's day objects
iPhone Thumbs Up Gobico Challenging game of trying to control the board with each move
iPhone Thumbs Up Jigsaw Puzzle (MM) Excellent variety of easy and hard puzzles
iPhone Thumbs Up JirboMatch Cute appariement jeu avec minuterie
iPhone Thumbs Up Knights & Squires Find the right path to the riches.
  Lights Off Turn off all the lights to win. Simple, but challenging.
  Love iPhone game where you shoot hearts to match 3 in a row before the rows get too low
iPhone Thumbs Up Logic3 Make all the numbers turn to zero. A challenging game with the solution
  Marble Jumper Remove Marbles
iPhone Thumbs Down Mastermind (38ibiz) One of several code breaking games available for the iPhone
  Mastermind (iSmileys) Guess the code
  Mastermind (myiphone) Guess the code using 8 colors
  Mastermind (myiphoneworld) Guess the code
  Mastermind (twopixels) Another guess the code game
iPhone Thumbs Up Match 3 (MM)
  Matchbooks A game of Concentration where you find matching matchbooks on your iPhone
iPhone Thumbs Up Maze (MM) Find 3 of a kind
iPhone Thumbs Down Memory Test your memory skills
  Memory Pets Matching game with animated pets
  MetaSquares Addictive game of building squares before your phone does
  Mobile Life The "Game of Life" version for your phone
iPhone Thumbs Down Mosaic Try to clear the board. Login Required
iPhone Thumbs Up MultiGame Pack (Jirbo) Download & play matching or memory games
  Nanogram Determine which cells of the 10x10 grid should be filled or blank
  Number Maze A fun number game. Addictive
iPhone Thumbs Up OmegaBall Jump the balls until you have only one left, challenging to win
iPhone Thumbs Down Patterny Test Find the shape that completes the pattern. Under Mind Games
iPhone Thumbs Up Pigs A Poppin Fun game of making the Pigs Pop!
iPhone Thumbs Up Pipes Use pieces to create longer pipes with each level. Fun!
iPhone Thumbs Up Pirate Treasure Hunt See how long it takes you solve this treasure matching game
iPhone Thumbs Up Puzzle Factory 25,000 different sliding puzzles. E-mail the final pics!
iPhone Thumbs Up Puzzle Manga Sliding puzzle with titalating graphics on your iPhone
  Puzzle Swap Solve jigsaw puzzles by swapping all the pieces on the board
iPhone Thumbs Down Puzzler Eliminate matching Blocks
  Qix Cover the field
  Rapid Access Memory Tap the boxes from lowest to highest from memory
iPhone Thumbs Up Remember A variation of Simon Says that tests your memory skills
  Reset Flip the tiles using limited moves to match the original configuration
iPhone Thumbs Down Row By Row Slide the balls until you get a row of each coloer
iPhone Thumbs Down Same Hearts iPhone game where you elimate 3 matching hearts
  Same Pets Find the matching pets & win
iPhone Thumbs Down SameGame Touch the panels that are lined up with 2 or more
  Save The Mac Don't let Windows Vista take over!
  Scenic Seen It Recreate the scenic picture with 20 puzzle pieces after you study the original
  Squaro Numbers indicate which circles should be black, find them all
  Smiley Hunt Find the matching smileys as fast as you can
  Snack Attack Clear all of the bouncing snacks off the screen
  Snack Machine Find the matching snacks
  Sokoban (Fourohfour)
  Stack The Log
iPhone Thumbs Down Supercars Memory game of matching cars with their brand names
iPhone Thumbs Up Think Ahead (MM)
iPhone Thumbs Down Tiger Tile Reconstruct the picture of a tiger using tiles. Same tiger every time
iPhone Thumbs Up Tile Another tile game. Recreate a variety of pictures that you can select
  Tri-Trick Challenging puzzle game with 3 difficulty levels and a help mode
  Waterfalls A sliding tile game with pictures of waterfalls
  When Smileys Attack Remove the smileys from the screen
  When the Office Attacks Remove the office items from the screen
iPhone Thumbs Up Xmas Manga A titilating game to improve your memory

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